3.26.11: Pecha? You Betcha!

Continuing on the Lisa/Paolo lecture circuit (before the end of May, we will have personally invited every single citizen of this town to the Sound We See screening!), tonight we are part of the lineup at PechaKucha Night Rotterdam #27. Started in Tokyo in 2003, PechaKucha (Japanese for chit chat) is a regular gathering in 501 cities worldwide that invites a variety of guests to make short presentations on a common theme.  The twist is that the presentations contain only 20 images each of which is displayed for 20 seconds  so you gotta be short, sweet and snappy! Tonight’s theme is Social Design and our talk on itinerant cinema and the Filmmobile is sandwiched between contributions from a backyard sausage smoker, the creator of a sporty hijab perfect for skateboarding, and a lady who takes pictures of her own hoo hah. Never a dull moment!


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