3.25.12: Spring Forward

According to our Dutch friends, the beginning of daylight savings time also indicates the beginning of summer. Today everyone is saying “Now that it’s summer…” and “Well, since it’s summer…” While it may be a little early to break out the bathing suits, the run of sunny days and balmy temperatures this week sure makes it seem like we’ve left winter behind.

After enjoying our new Sunday morning flea market ritual, it’s time for class. This week, Cinematic Rotterdam author Floris Paalman presents a terrific overview of the local history  of the City Symphony genre from the 1920s to the 1970s. Now that we’re all inspired, we need to think about The Sound We See: Rotterdam. The students have chosen their shooting times, mentor/mentee partnerships have been formed, and now it’s time for some serious location scouting and planning… production  begins April 2!

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