3.23.12: Ghentrification

A splendid day of markets, movies, museums and medieval architecture in Ghent. Following screenings of Naomi Uman’s Kalendar and Videodiary (which reveal more beauty and complexity to me with each viewing) and Robert Gardner’s stunning Forest of Bliss (on 35mm!),  we make a late afternoon excursion to the Dr. Guislain Museum,  located on the tranquil grounds of Belgium’s first psychiatric institution. Staffed by patients of the Psychiatric Center, the museum combines the history of psychiatric care, displays of “outsider” art, and a temporary exhibition entitled Dangerously Young: Child in Danger, Child as Danger featuring indigenous rite of passage masks from Brazil, 19th century Flemish manners posters, Paul Klee drawings, Deanna Templeton and William Klein photos, Banksy graffiti and Ron Mueck’s creepy sculpture Big Baby. Outside, it’s magic hour. The perfect moment for a walking meditation…

2 thoughts on “3.23.12: Ghentrification

  1. Good photos. I think all that ancient architecture, although beautiful, might get a little depressing after awhile especially in the soggy, dark, winter days.

  2. Magic hour….
    I think I am starting to find magic hour again, or maybe magic minutes. Whatever…. they are all, well, magical.
    Medieval architecture is positively otherworldly.

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