3.22.12: Lord of the Flies Revisited

After a series of mysterious train cancellations, delays, reroutings and platform changes, we finally arrive in Ghent, Belgium where the kind organizers of the Courtesane Film Festival have provided us with free passes to a lovely array of screenings and events. After a warm welcome from Lucas, our bed & breakfast host, it’s off to explore the town. Ghent may be known for its castles, its cathedrals and its béguinages, but what we notice most are the young people. They are everywhere: roaming the cobbled streets in packs, frolicking on lawns with their shirts off, smoking, sketching, sunbathing, making out, hanging out on sidewalks drinking wine right out of the bottle, playing harmonicas, riding their bikes (fast), driving their cars (also fast), and just generally standing around looking good looking. Evidently the young people are in charge here and have killed everyone under the age of 25. We turn up our collars, lower our voices and hope they’re too busy with themselves to notice us moving stealthily amongst them…

2 thoughts on “3.22.12: Lord of the Flies Revisited

  1. You two are certainly making the most of your time! Good for you; keep on exploring.
    Don’t let the young folks upset you….most of them become very friendly if you buy them a beer.

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