2.14.12: Be My Valentine

Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is no big deal in Rotterdam, we’re in love with love and so we celebrate all the day long with a swing on the mysterious Love Swings that appeared in front of WORM this morning, Bolex tests on Blekerstraat, a walk past the fragrant little flower stalls at the city market, a bit of dumpster diving and an art exhibition on Noordereiland, a ride beneath the river in the Maastunnel bike lane, and the most delightfully hospitable meal of Dutch comfort food at Het Eethuisje Van Delfshaven… just us, the mom and pop proprietors, and a room full of bachelors.

2 thoughts on “2.14.12: Be My Valentine

  1. Hi Kids , Happy Valentine’s Day! I really like the last photo of the bike in front of the restaurant….don’t know why but I do. Stayed home & listened to music & cooked pasta…great evening. I think you should add “The Girl from Yesterday” to your repertoire….I love it.
    Keep Smiling, ( as Nat Bailey used to say)
    Pa XXXX

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