2.13.12: Out With The Snow, In With The Rain

This morning we step out our door to find all the snow and ice completely vanished overnight and the temperature about 30 degrees warmer. It is glorious. And then it begins to rain.

But this is okay because Monday is our stay-home-and-get-work-done-while-drinking-tea-and-eating-Turkish-Pizza-from-the-amazing-bakery-down-the-street day. I won’t even mention the dozen different varieties of baklava. Later on I brave the drizzle and bike over to Roodkapje (that’s Little Red Riding Hood to you, bub) for Traces and Resonances, an ongoing series of improvisational performances between choreographer/performance artist Sato Endo, musician Nina Hitz and guests. Florian jokes that after attending a smattering of events over the past two weeks I now know all the players in the Rotterdam arts scene. There is a feeling of tight-knit community here, an open spirit of cross-discipline collaboration that is exciting and enticing. Despite a two-wheel tangle with some wet tram tracks, I find myself singing all the way home.

2 thoughts on “2.13.12: Out With The Snow, In With The Rain

  1. Hey Lisa, I think this place is Heaven for you & probably for Paolo as well. Hope you can get some really enthusiastic students for your classes.
    Pa XXX

  2. Ouch! Wet tracks can take you down like a sack of cement! Jenny was doing the Ride for MS (before we knew the evils of “Societies”) and the old tram tracks by False Creek made chaos for the riders – a bloody mess!

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