7.26.19: It’s About To Get Reel SAP-py!

How can three weeks go by so fast? We learned, we laughed, we explored, we created and today we share the beautiful results of our collective journey with the New Haven community and celebrate art and friendships that will last a lifetime.  Thanks to Helen, Sarah, Shannon, Hannah, Jack and Katie at Artspace, thanks to Mentors Emily, Soledad, Emil and Dyme, and super thanks to the Summer Apprentice Program 2019 Participants Nevaeh, John, Pablo, Nagelly, Stella, Sara, Natalie, Isaías, Jasmin, Tyler, Mabel, Syed, Anthony, Daniel, Sofiya, Alona, Rayona, Yareli, Genesis, Nelly, Evan and Georgii: you inspire us sooooooooooo much! And that’s a wrap for SAP!


7.23.19: The Second Most Popular Flavor In America

In the midst of preparations for Friday’s Sound We See exhibition opening–making t-shirts, writing artist statements, choosing stills, figuring out what will go where in the gallery space–we take some time out for a scavenger hunt on The Green with our SAP doppelgängers: the 2019 Public Art Fellows at Site Projects who are in the midst of making videos about transportation in New Haven. Although the competition got a little contentious when one team was docked 20 points for lateness and STILL managed to sail on to victory with perhaps a bit more gloating than was sportsperson-like, everyone was a winner because Ashley’s Ice Cream (named for a Frisbee-catching whippet…add that trivia to this trivia: the Frisbee was invented at Yale!, and your brain may start spinning round and round) donated a giant bucket of bliss in honor of National Vanilla Ice Cream Day! Super yum!

7.22.19: Home Stretch

Hello Summer Apprenticeship Program Week 3! Editing complete, it’s time to look forward to the big exhibition opening and film premiere happening on… FRIDAY! Zowie! So much to do but there’s still time for a quick visit to the Yale Film Archive where archivist Brian Meacham projects 16mm prints of class city symphonies Manhatta and A Bronx Morning just for us!


7.18.19: We’re Projecting

All systems are GO at SWS: New Haven… minds and machines working in harmony! All 24 hours plus credits are shot and processed. Music, poetry and posters are being created. Snacks are devoured. Games are played. Analog projection skills are mastered. Stills from ¡Que viva México!, a 1932 map of Harlem Nightclubs and a 3D book of Paris landmarks are examined at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library (Thanks, Tim!). 650 feet of stupendous Super 8 is telecined in Stonington, CT at Charter Oak Scanning, located in an old velvet mill where that little tiny strip of fabric on Kodak 35mm film canisters used to be produced! All the raw footage is watched collaboratively with popcorn and much excitement. Plans for editing start percolating…

7.16.19: It’s All About The Process

Day 7 and the focus is on the process: processing the Super 8 film shot over the last few days and learning about the process of conduction from Tyshawn Sorey, composer and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire. The take-aways can be applied to making music, making films and living life: play with your limitations, move beyond fear, don’t just follow, create your own atmosphere, it’s not “entertainment”! Run with it, young Jedi!

7.14.19: Park It!

Today it’s a New Haven neighborhood park tour beginning at the stroke of midnight with Neveah’s Edgewood Park shoot starring Cousin Liz. At 1 AM, we scoot over to the Edgewood Skate Park to longboard Elm City-style with Dyme. After a little late night felafel refuel rest stop at the legendary Mamoun’s, we meet up with John at Quinnipiac River Park at 5 AM and take a conceptual trip across the bridge just as the sun comes up. Nagelly brings Isaias and their host family along (all the way from New Canaan!) for her 7 AM celebration of sites of importance to the Latinx community in Fair Haven, ending up in Criscuolo Park. A little nap and we’re rarin’ to go for Daniel’s 5 PM taco truck tour at Long Wharf Park and followed by an idyllic stroll through the Nature Preserve. And we wrap it all up with some 7 pm beach time and a stroll through Lighthouse Point Park with Rayona and Alona, soaking up that sunny Sunday evening summertime vibe.

7.12.19: Strong & Modern

Day 5 of The Sound We See: New Haven and the action is really starting to rev up! We hop on a couple of Bike New Haven’s green machines just after 5 am and glide through the quiet streets to meet Pablo at his favorite childhood haunt: the Strong School in the Fair Haven neighborhood. Shuttered for years, the Grand Street building is covered with bright community murals outside and filled with dozens of dim classrooms in various states of disarray, mounds of broken glass and one super creepy clown painting inside. For the 10 am hour, we manage to convince a string of gallery guards that the Super 8 is “just a still camera that takes a lot of pictures really fast,” so Natalie can capture a few of her favorite nooks and crannies at Yale University Art Gallery. Phew! Back at Artspace, we’ve got rock star games to play, meeting places to settle, and eco-processing to do with a steller trio of collectively-mixed brews–Ricardo Leite’s never-fail caffenol recipe, Dagie Brundert’s fabulous flower power recipe using a fragrant array of local blooms, and a Seaweed Surprise mixture based on another Dagie “soup,” featuring locally grown sugar kelp generously donated by GreenWaveplus sound recording technology to learn and exhibition flyers to make. Pablo and Natalie stay late to process their film: Van Gogh + Van Halen = AWESOME! At 4 pm, Anthony makes portraits of pals at The Cut; Sofia celebrates sisterhood on Audubon Street two hours later. What else can we sneak into this day of wonders? How about an 11 pm visit to another one of “the Holy Trinity of New Haven-style pizza” establishments? Big thanks to Georgii (the first SWS filmmaker to eat and film at the same time!) for introducing us to the tantalizing taste of Modern’s thin-crust crab pie… Now that’s a fine piece apizza!