7.23.19: The Second Most Popular Flavor In America

In the midst of preparations for Friday’s Sound We See exhibition opening–making t-shirts, writing artist statements, choosing stills, figuring out what will go where in the gallery space–we take some time out for a scavenger hunt on The Green with our SAP doppelgängers: the 2019 Public Art Fellows at Site Projects who are in the midst of making videos about transportation in New Haven. Although the competition got a little contentious when one team was docked 20 points for lateness and STILL managed to sail on to victory with perhaps a bit more gloating than was sportsperson-like, everyone was a winner because Ashley’s Ice Cream (named for a Frisbee-catching whippet…add that trivia to this trivia: the Frisbee was invented at Yale!, and your brain may start spinning round and round) donated a giant bucket of bliss in honor of National Vanilla Ice Cream Day! Super yum!

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