12.29.18: A City Symphony Saturday Night

The video projector’s set up, the art’s on the walls, the Christmas tree is decorated, the PA’s arrived, the candy is out, there’s snow in an old pot to cool down the beer and champagne, the seating’s arranged, the coat rack and slippers are waiting… Let’s have a party!!!

The Sound We See: A Saint Petersburg City Symphony premiered on a cold December night to a packed house full of warm hearts. Congrats to Anton, Olga, Anna, Alice, Sophia, Inna, Jonas, Elena, Roman, Evgeniya, Masha, Ilya, Igor, Ilya, Polina, Cynthia, Pavel, Masha, Juliana, Anna, Leda, Polina, Arseny, Anna, Emil, Dinara, Viktoria, Nina, Alexancer, Nastya, Amet, Nikita, Levon, Alexey, Leonid, Valeriya, Anastasia, Lyuda, Egor, Nikita, Natalva, Vasil, Nikita, Victoria, Vitali and Nikita: your images celebrating the creative people and places of your city are poetic, powerful, poignant and political. Hats off to our intrepid musicians Alexey and Sasha for working together for the first time to come up with a stellar score in a mere four days! Big appreciation to Eve’s Rib for hosting, and sharing your passion for feminist art and activism with us. And a super special thanks to CEC Artslink Back Apartment Residency for the generous support and making this project possible. Art CAN bring people and nations together and make this world just a little bit brighter!

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