Category: The Sound We See: CDMX

1.19.17: Soul Food

Tonight, a potluck dinner at Elena’s with members of the Laboratorio Experimental de Cine (aka LEC) to strategize about ways we can move forward to together as analog filmmakers, as artists, as comrades and community members. Times may be tough (and getting tougher!), but with so much love, laughter, dedication and creativity in the room, I know […]

1.18.17: SWS:CDMeXpanded

Because everything in Mexico City is over the top, The SWS:CDMX is having not one but TWO PREMIERES! Tonight’s screening at Espectro Electromagnetico–a beautiful former convent that is now an artists collective space with studios, exhibitions and performances–was a special expanded cinema event with a triple projection version of The Sound We See: CDMX followed by Spectrum, […]

1.17.16: Island of the Dolls

While Paolo borrows Naomi’s bike to ride around the city (with pitstops for a screening of Rogue One and a few cervecitas), Naomi, Ocho and I head off on our own adventure. A 90-minute journey by metro and light rail brings us to Xochimilco, the magical neighborhood where you can rent a trajinera to cruise the canals that […]

1.12.17: Colores

Tomorow The Sound We See: A Mexico City City Symphony (is there an echo in here?) gets underway but first a few images from the past couple of days in the world’s most invigorating urban environment…