1.18.17: SWS:CDMeXpanded

Because everything in Mexico City is over the top, The SWS:CDMX is having not one but TWO PREMIERES! Tonight’s screening at Espectro Electromagnetico–a beautiful former convent that is now an artists collective space with studios, exhibitions and performances–was a special expanded cinema event with a triple projection version of The Sound We See: CDMX followed by Spectrum, a dual projection piece by Argentinian experimental filmmaker (and SWS participant) Ernesto Baca. The place was packed, the mescal was flowing, Ocho worked the crowed, the images were mesmerizing, the live soundscape by Ezequiel Guido was electrifying and the applause at the end was thunderous.

Felicidades and muchas gracias to all the incredible SWS realizadores–Naomi Uman, “Morris” Manuel Trujillo, TzuTzu Matzin, Elena Pardo, Derek Badillo, Pedro Modenando, Gregorio Rocha, Ernesto Baca, Andrés Pardo, Andrés Pulido, Annalisa Quagliata, José Antonio Cordero, Amaranta Sánchez, Maria Rojas, Sejen Luna, Daniel Valdés, Rafael Balboa, Dalia Huerta, Ivonne Fuentes, Ivan Avila, Jael Jacobo, Magali Montero and Andrés Jurado–for creating a truly stunning piece of cinema together!

And what more perfect way to cap off a perfect night than four perfect tacos from the stand on the corner followed by a stroll home through the warm midnight air? We are falling in love with this city…

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