Week 7: The Stones

Birthdays: love ’em or hate ’em, they can be beautiful moments to embrace all the joy and sorrow of being alive on Earth. What better place to contemplate the mysteries of existence than the magical stones of Southwest England? The Somerset Solar Return is a bit of a ritual: Eight years ago, we’d just wrapped up The Sound We See: A Somerset County Symphony and were walking the Coleridge Trail; this year it’s a full on week-long Stones Tour: Stonehenge! Stanton Drew! Avesbury! I’m feeling the vibes! But it’s the Dear Ones (and dogs) who really make life worth living. Thank you magnificent Joff! Thank you darling Sue and David! Thank you audacious Art Club pals! Thank you Genius James and your amazing family! Thank you sweet Pete! Thank you delightful Deb, Yolanda and Colin! Thank you wonderful Emma and smiley Molly! Thank you lovely Karel, Kate and little Viva! Your steadfast love, convivial camaraderie, inspiring art, and true blue friendship are more magical than all the magical stones put together. Big kiss to love of my life and intrepid traveling companion Paolo Davanzo: you make each and every day a grand adventure.

PS: Mom, the April 13 homemade Beef Bourguignon and sticky toffee pudding at the Druid Arms was for you!

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  1. #magic
    what a splendid adventure
    create create create and the heart is here for it

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