Week 6: Transformations

Sleepy bumble bees napping on brand new blossoms. Full moon rising. Emotive emulsions. What’s at the end of the end of the line? Mali melodics. Midnight snowstorms. Midmorning ones too. Mourning. Musing on the “wild.” Super 8 and Sauna. Sweet Marie. Measuring magic. Feathers on trees. Forget the big bunnies, we’ve got witches with brooms partying with the devil! Olav is 50 (Who is Olav?); DJ Leanus is spinning; chocolate cake for everyone! The Day of the Roma; sewing and dreaming; the plaza for protest; the agony of defeat. One perfect day on a little island with sunshine and sweet new friends. Raise a glass of Påskmust! Happy Easter!

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