Week 5: Here Comes The Sun

The return of sunshine and blue skies meant Week 5 was a time for checking things out: the city bike program, the zazzy vegetarian restaurant/concert hall in the old Sailor’s Church, the thrift store with the secret basement treasure trove of records and art books, our new friend Moa’s poignant art show highlighting the loss of forests in Sweden, the 202 People In A Room portrait show at the Hasselblad Center, piles of Super 8 and 16mm found footage, JAZZ, Wild Strawberries, the Polish restaurant with the pipe-smoking fox. It was also time to check out of the Konstepidemin Galleri as A Little Something wrapped up its three-week run with a weekend of fun: kooky loops, crazy collage, a Sunday Singalong, a heart shaped box of Marabou chocolates, great talks with dynamic dancing tots, Green Party teens who grew up with Greta Thunberg, sassy seniors and all kinds of artists. We may not have sold any tiny treasures to the City of Gothenburg art buyers (despite Paolo’s dynamic framing efforts and strategic red dot decoy placements) but we had more fun and made more stuff with more sweet people than previously believed humanly possible. The bench is in the woods and we’re ready for Residency: Phase 2!

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