November 11.21: A Day To Remember

The t-shirts are assembled and the certificates are made, the musicians have rehearsed and the plov is cooked, the caravanserai is swept, the tv crew has interviewed everybody and the crowd–filmmakers, music makers, cooks, chess players, journalists, artists, artisans, architects, curators, parents, a baby and Bars the Cat–has gathered in The Photo Gallery… the time has come for the big premiere of The Sound We See: A Bukhara City Symphony! Together we embark on a magical cinematic journey of beautiful images mixed with exquisite traditional music performed by Komil Avezov – Doira (drum), Nodir Jumaev – Nay (flute), Sunnatillo Yahyoev – Ghijjak (fiddle) and Ubaydullo Hakimov – Qashqar rubab (string instrument), augmented by excited whispers and camera flashes. The film is a celebration of a city but, even more so, the people who make this place so incredibly special. Thank you to filmmakers Behzod Boltaev, Hofiz Boltaev, Ilya Viktorov, Irina Berlizeva, Jamshed Kenjayev, Margarita Kolobova, Muhammad Hasanov, Nikita Bobrov, Nuriddin Djuraev, Ravshan Yahyayev, Rukhsora Umarova, Rushana Jabrailova, Shakhzoda Mirakova, Shavkat Boltaev, Umida Xikmatova, Zilola Saidova and the many, many individuals who appeared in the film for sharing the love!!!! After a rousing round of applause and a lively Q&A, there’s much merriment in the form of feasting, drinking, dancing and toasting to a wonderful project and an unforgettable day. And if all this is not enough, back at the Guest House, the evening ends with a concert of Shashmaqam… a centuries-old musical genre of holy songs based on Sufi poetry with its origin in Bukhara. So many gifts, so many blessings…

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