November 8.21: Tiles For Miles

If you love tile, if you love blue, Samarkand is the place for you! There’s the Registan of course, but the greatest hits also includes Gur E Amir (Timur’s Mausoleum), Bibi Khanym Mosque (biggest in Central Asia!) and Shahi Zinda (my personal favorite and apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way…). Even on a drizzly day, it’s a dazzling display of color, pattern and texture unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Not to be outdone, the train station lights up the night sky in a blaze of purple neon. Grab a loaf of the famous local bread that can easily double as a doorstop (“Real Samarkand bread should be eatable within three years.” People are crazy for this stuff! Yikes!) and you can head back to Bukhara knowing you made the most of the past 48 hours.

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