7.27.19: A New Haven Farewell

We hate to love you and leave you, New Haven, but our adventure here has come to an end. The highlight, of course, was our time spent with your young visionaries whose passionate creativity and dedication to social justice issues assure us you’re in good hands for the future. But we also loved exploring your many secret gems and daily delights: the Obias & Isms show at the Pride Center, a slowly disintegrating Swoon piece, a film fundraiser at the New Haven Company Factory, The Local Honey Project at Pardee Morris House, Helen’s hospitality and heaping bowls of delectable Arethusa Farm Dairy ice-cream, a free 35mm screening of Speed Racer as part of the Treasures From The Yale Film Archive series, at rainy day tacos at Long Wharf and a close encounter with Bread & Puppet Theater, a behind-the-scenes tour of the Yale University Art Gallery with dear friend Jeffrey Yoshimine, the very magical Institute Library (one of a handful of private mechanical libraries left in the world, with it’s own unique cataloguing system!), best burger ever at Louis’ Lunch (don’t even think about asking for ketchup!), a night of weird tango music at Best Video, walking around Lost In New Haven, Ferraro’s wonderful world of CHEAP MEAT with the Ten Commandments laid out nicely right beside the exit, morning mayoral press conferences, daily green bike rambles (love the Farmington Canal heritage trail!), Perkins Rubber Stamp Company, endless pizza options (Pepe’s comes out on top according to our taste buds but shout out to Sally’s for amazing graphics!), fireflies, chatty old ladies and work by Women Artists of the New Haven Paint & Clay Club at the New Haven Museum, Friday afternoon bambolini at Skappo, Saturday morning cannoli at Lucibello’s Italian Pastry Shop, a perfect day of Madison beach + dogs with Jeffrey and Susan (I’ll cherish the hawk feather always!), and of course our beloved Wooster Square that we passed through every single day on our way to or from somewhere. Of course we’re leaving a little bit of our hearts with you… The Sound We See: A New Haven City Symphony film and exhibition will be on display at Artspace until September 14! All aboard!



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