3.11.18: Share The Cake

It’s Sunday morning and those three kooky old timers with the red berets have just passed through the street below, waking everyone up with their drums and flutes. But we’ll stay in bed just a little bit longer, dreaming about last night’s incredible premiere of The Sound We See: A Pamplona City Symphony made by our beautiful friends Aizpea, Celia, Das, Eva, Garazi, Helena, Idoia, Iñaki, Ione, Irati, Javier, Jorge, Katxo, Maddi, Maite, Marina, Mirari, Patxi, Pedro, Ricardo, Rubén and Sandra with a dynamic live soundtrack by Mursago + Cano.

What a wonderful journey it’s been! A heartfelt thanks to our dearest Garbiñe Ortega and her wonderful team for making this dream come true. Viva Pamplona! Viva cinema! Viva Punto de Vista!

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