Category: The Sound We See: Pamplona

3.12.18: Eskerrik Asko, Iruña!

Our last days in Basque country are comprised of a day trip to San Sebastián, a jaunt to the beautiful villages a stone’s throw from France, and one final gathering of the SWS: Pamplona Superstars for some vino tinto, homemade pinxos, and laughs. We will miss everything about this place (even the two strange and […]

3.11.18: Share The Cake

It’s Sunday morning and those three kooky old timers with the red berets have just passed through the street below, waking everyone up with their drums and flutes. But we’ll stay in bed just a little bit longer, dreaming about last night’s incredible premiere of The Sound We See: A Pamplona City Symphony made by […]

3.8.18: Revolution Girl-Style Now!

International Women’s Day in Pamplona: a general strike (women in solidarity nation-wide!), everyone and everything draped in purple, marches and gatherings all over the city from morning until night. Of course the capitalists tried to cash in (Ladies! We’ve got beer specials just for you!) but today the sisters were really doing it for themselves. […]

3.7.18: Highlights

Today’s highlights: Morning style tips from the Basque old timers. Some day we’ll be dignified and old! O Peixe. You haven’t seen sexy fish until you’ve seen this! The kickass translator with the beautiful hair at possibly the most modest press conference in the history of the world. Chocolate mousse at Cafe Manolo… Each bite […]

3.6.18: Feels Like Home

The secret theme for us at Day 2 at Punto De Vista is Feels Like Home. Filmmaker/DJ Luke Fowler (reunited after hanging out at International Film Festival Rotterdam way back in 2011!) presents his short Electro-Pythagoras (A Portrait of Martin Bartlett) that features several shots of our Vancouver neighborhood. Trinh T. Minh-ha’s Remembering Vietnam was […]