3.7.18: Highlights

Today’s highlights:

Morning style tips from the Basque old timers. Some day we’ll be dignified and old!

O Peixe. You haven’t seen sexy fish until you’ve seen this!

The kickass translator with the beautiful hair at possibly the most modest press conference in the history of the world.

Chocolate mousse at Cafe Manolo… Each bite is like dancing on a cloud!

An awesome screening of SWS: LA and CDMX. Shout out to the viejos who hung in there for some seriously experimental wildness on screen!

New pals Valentina from Venezuela, Margaux from France, and Paola from Chile.

Our new roomies Luisa and Gabino from Mexico presenting Tijuana at the historic Teatro Gayarre.

Wrapping up the day with the hardest working crew in film festival history. And they’ll do it all again tomorrow!

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