3.1.18: Get The Point

Putting together a fabulous film festival is a TON of work. Calls for submissions, viewing submissions, making selections, notifying filmmakers, assembling programs, dreaming up special programs, securing funding, inviting filmmakers, selecting judges, coordinating travel and accommodations arrangements for visiting filmmakers, press and promotion, subtitling prints, securing the venues, making posters and trailers, designing the program book, proofreading the program book, printing the program book, checking equipment, coordinating the volunteers, managing print traffic, ordering food, planning the parties, making merch, selling tickets and passes, testing equipment, doing tech runs, etc. etc. etc…. Whew! I’m exhausted just writing this. And this isn’t even considering days of round-the-clock mayhem during the festival itself!

We were beyond honored when Punto De Vista Artistic Director and festival curator extraordinaire Garbiñe Ortega invited The Sound We See to be part of the 12th edition of Pamplona’s famed international doc fest. It’s been a true delight to work with this beloved cinematic visionary and her bright, talented, welcoming team. Thank you for your dedicated and beautiful work, friends… We are so excited to be part of such an inspiring program and cannot wait to dive into this stellar array of films! Salud!

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