2.25.18: Weekend Warriors

It’s a good thing the people of Pamplona like to stay up late because we’re grabbing the cameras and it’s time to go go go! Jorge starts the cinematic ball rolling with a meditation on the political past of public buildings and their reappropriation through art and graffiti. The theme continues with Ricardo’s celebration of the occupation of the Palace of the Marquis of Rozalejo by the Gaztetxe Assembly. The dawn and the produce vendors arrive with Helena’s trip to the old market. Maddi goes natural at the little zoo in Taconera Park; Garazi comes along for fun! And then one glorious hour of people-watching in the sunny Plaza del Castillo, the town’s joyously beating heart. We meet up with Aizpea in Txantrea where she grew up, on the other side of the Rio Arga. Her dad, acting as our tour guide, explains that this neighborhood was built for workers by Franco’s government in the 1950s. Irati rambles the Rio Rotxa, filming teen punks and winter water. Eva takes a time lapse walk from one sacred site to another. Patxi pays homage to an abandoned movie palace. Marina rocks out at Club Nebula; Katxo rambles the back streets and busy byways. In the wee hours of the morning, Marina’s sister Ione captures late night love in empty streets and quiet rooms. Maite explores the train station on a sleepy Sunday morning. Celia connects arms and art at La Ciudadela and then it’s off to the outskirts to check out the open air market and the Volkswagon factory with Rubén and Helena. Javi hops on a bike at Parque Antoniutti; Iñaki takes the Ascensor Rotxapea and there’s still time for everyone to enjoy some pintxos before the clock strikes 10!

4 thoughts on “2.25.18: Weekend Warriors

  1. Current faves – oranges meet bread! And – wild TV Aerials?!?!
    Also, rockers look like rockers the whole world over!!

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