6.25.17: Rise & Shine

A morning premiere for The Sound We See: A Vratsa City Symphony at the Historical Museum with lots of last minute excitement as filmmakers, friends and family arrive…but where’s our musicians, the Vratsa Youth Brass Band??? Ah, here they are, slipping in the door just as the first frame comes up on the screen. Keeping us on our toes as always, Bulgaria!!!

Congratulations to our participants Nikolay Malinov, Erik Petrov, Dimitar Grigorov, Yavor Petrunyashev, Petyo Petrunyashev, Aleksandra Petrova, Milen Vasilev, Hristo Yonov, Angel Alipiev, Jaklin Petrova, Tihomir Mashov, Hristo Punchev, Robart Georgiev and Martin Varbanov for creating a truly unique vision of your city… It’s the first time a Sound We See project has been compared to Un Chien Andalou AND Taxi Driver!

Later, a fabulous family meal fit for a triple celebration: The Sound We See: Vratsa, Kate and Karel’s Anniversary and Granny’s 87th Birthday. Here’s to us!

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