11.27.16: You Say Eee-Kay-Ah, I Say Eye-Key-Uh

Today is the day to fulfill a little dream of Paolo’s. A 45-minute bus ride south through the suburban hinterlands and here we are: IKEA!

Yes, we’ve all been there a million times but here’s why Swedish IKEA is better than the IKEA in your country:

  • A big room where you can drop off the kids and forget about them while you shop. Each kid is assigned a number which they wear on their bodies in the form of a little smock. “Hey Number 43, quit beating up Number 19!” Very Brave New World.
  • The employees are dressed in a wide array of yellow tops: jaunty t-shirts, striped polos, fleece jackets.
  • Fake fika in the kitchen furniture area.
  • Cool art and design books… Let’s hear it for Ruthel and Olle Eksell!
  • A smorgasboard option in the restaurant (okay, special for the Christmas season, but still…)
  • A 6-pack of Sötsak Kakaobolls for 10 krona!
  • Rad tote bags that are half the price they are at home.

The only bummer is that the collaboration with Stockholm textile designers 10-Gruppen isn’t out until May 2017… We’ll be back!

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