11.22.16: The Artists Are Present

It’s Open House Day at Konstepedemin! All the visiting artists are invited to do short presentations about their work in their individual studios scattered around the site. Swedish artist Mattias Elftorp shows us some of his many powerful comics and graphic novels as well as a sneak peek at images from the project he’s working on now that incorporates folk tales and mythological beast as shared by the people of Angered, a multiculural Götenburg suburb. Nigerian artist Karo Apokiere speaks about his time navigating the city and connecting with random individuals through a shared love of Swedish design. Russian/Israeli artist Vera Berzak Schneider does a performance about nationalism, memory and family. Maria, Paolo and I present images from all the Sound We See projects and invite everyone to participate in Photobooth of Change, our ongoing activist video chain letter. Yes, you can make a movie in 10 minutes or less! Afterwards, the group heads over to Bra 10, a bar/event space also on the Konstepedemin grounds, for a lecture and performance by Croatian/Dutch artist Sandra Sterle that also touches on themes of nationalism as well as identity, change and the collective breath. Afterwards, a California Sunshine boogie down with images curated by The Here & Now and DJs Frk. Magnusson and Bruce Leenus spinning some mighty fine sounds. Best dancer award goes to the radiant Basque cook who, after making us all an incredible vegan Indian feast, comes out of the kitchen to shake her groove thing with blissful abandon on the empty floor.


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