11.8.16: We Vote For Fika

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all adopted the Swedish fika tradition and took time out each afternoon for coffee, cake and conversation? In just one short week, we’ve become hardcore converts and can be found fika-ing all over town. Today, we tie in some stellar fika with Katie’s 3 pm shoot at Solrosen Vegetarisk Restaurang in Haga… Bella’s “Queen Pie” (a mix of blueberry and raspberry with whipped cream AND clotted cream) is out of this world!!!! We also learned all about Bella’s days as a ’70s Swedish hippie hosting rock concerts for Jimi Hendrix impersonators at a commune in the countryside, and admired the row of photos honoring patrons who have since passed on. At 6 pm, we entered the magical world of Stampenfield, where Karl films an improvised dance by Mona and Ellen. Darkroom topics during the evening processing session include Marina Abramovic, handmade emulsion and Norwegian sweat lodges. We’re 1/3 through the shoot already! And it’s rumored the sun will shine tomorrow!

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