5.27.16: The Kindness of Strangers

This morning, the garbage truck came down the alley. It was tiny. It was clean. It was playing pleasant music. And two garbagemen were running alongside to pick up the trash and throw it in the compactor as the truck ambled along.

During lunch rush at the popular ramen place (Top 50 in Japan!), everyone stood very patiently in line at the front door while the wait staff came out to take orders so the food would be ready when you sat down.

On our way into town, the bus driver refused to pull away from the curb until the man on the cellphone ended his call.

Outside the bus station, two ladies propped up a flower that had fallen over.

In the afternoon, we noticed public signs encouraging kindness to animals.

In the evening at the Shabu Shabu place, the owner gave us an extra serving of delicious apple sorbet.

Sometimes nice is nice.



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