5.21.16: A Day In The Life

We continued our shoot of The Sound We See:Tokyo after a replenishing six hour sleep [We knew we had to give Max a couple hours off after he fell asleep while walking and fell into a bush! -ed.]. We regrouped at Blum & Poe at 11 and took over for Paolo who had stayed up all night with Stuart and Yusuke and Risa filming on the JR line, as well as at Tsukiji Fish Market and the Imperial Palace. The first things to shoot were Takeshita Street where all the kawaii kids hang out, and the Meiji Jingo forest (the one with the huge torii). The street was pretty cool because they had candy shops, crépe places and cute things everywhere. Fun fact: Japanese people love crépes! While Lisa went to shoot the forest, I had a delicious bowl of ramen which I slurped down in 10 minutes. When Lisa and I met back up, we shot some stuff with Junko and Risa and Maho in Ueno Park, beside the Sumida  River (with a great view of the Asahi Flame aka “The Flying Golden Turd!”) and finally at a march protesting Monsato. From there, we met up with Asuka and headed to find Paolo and Shinji. Once we found them, we bought some snacks and headed to the Tokyo Swallows baseball game! The game was a blast! I did not figure this out until almost the end of the game but we were actually sitting in the visiting Yokohama team’s cheering area, so when Paolo cheered for the Swallows, everyone got mad at him! After the game, we met up with Marie and continued the shoot in Rippongi. For the last shoot, we got the most delicious ice cream at Japanese Ice Ouca in Ebisu with Renna (it came with salty seaweed to accentuate the sweetness of the various tea and fruit flavors!)  and took the train back to Shibuya Station. It was just before midnight. And that was it! I had finished my first Sound We See! It was an awesome 24-hour experience and I will most likely be doing one again in the future!

Thanks to Renna, Ashley, Saka, Marie, Yusuke, Risa, Junko, Stuart, Maho, Asuka, Shinji, Oda and your friends for this magical adventure. We can’t wait to see you all again at the premiere of The Sound We See: A Tokyo City Symphony on June 5 at Blum & Poe Tokyo!



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