6.27.15: Go Graffiti

We’re not just in Rotterdam to reminisce, we’re here to work! It feels great to be back in the inspiring environment of the Filmwerkplaats for the “Graffiti Film” workshop where we spend the day exploring strategies, tools and techniques for creating guerrilla cinema happenings in the urban environment, from repurposing public space to setting up off-the-grid screenings, from dealing with security guards to sparking community engagement, from eco-processing to making a digital projector out of a cardboard box. Coen, Judith, Michaela, Nan, Patrícia, Vijal and Yoana, you’re ready to hit the streets!

IMG_4497IMG_4470IMG_0357 IMG_0352IMG_0364 IMG_4490 IMG_0387 IMG_0412 IMG_0438IMG_4473

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