5.1.15: May Day

Air show with vaguely menacing patriotic music, car race crowds, spa visit, flea market, rock concert, poet appreciation, river strolls, secret squares, and outdoor dining with friends at a former bus terminal, it’s all part of May Day in Budapest! IMG_6411 IMG_6414 IMG_6425 IMG_6431 IMG_6438 IMG_6457 IMG_6485 IMG_6488 IMG_6502 IMG_6505 IMG_6508

2 thoughts on “5.1.15: May Day

  1. Magnificent Lisa!
    Really digging these further adventures, but missing your musical and artistic and hilarious presence in my little flat…Craft week 2016?!
    Thankyou for being so totally amazing!

  2. I am missing you too! Life’s a little lonely after all of our Craft Week antics… Today I had to sneak into the Opera House just to shake things up a little!

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