4.26.15: One Last Crafternoon

It’s the end of Craft Week and what a week it’s been! We made songs, rubber stamps, badges, linoprints, mobiles, drawings, paintings, poems, alpaca wool wristers, soap with a message, one-off t-shirts, skulls, postcards, thank you cards, videos, Super 8 movies, little time lapse movies and a cheese/potato pie.  We visited books in their libraries, bakers in their bakeries, artists in their studios (Hoggie and Kathy Hinde, you blew my mind!). We were part of shows at The Cube and BEEF and The Museum of Somerset. We shared a lot of laughs and skills. Mondo appreciation to Joff, Simon, Lucy, Sonny, Emma, Tom, and Carl for the inspiration and collaboration!

IMG_5347 IMG_5472 IMG_5473 IMG_5484 IMG_5502  IMG_5512 IMG_5503IMG_5519 IMG_5544IMG_5548IMG_5551 IMG_5556   IMG_5589IMG_5562IMG_5563IMG_5660 IMG_5663 IMG_5826 IMG_5946 IMG_5954 IMG_5962 IMG_5939 IMG_5969 IMG_5965IMG_5980


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