4.7.15: The Process

Morning: Immersing ourselves in all things cider at Julian Temperley’s straight-outta-Kinfolk Somerset Cider Brandy Company headquarters (sampling an array of tasty apple-based alcohols at 10 am is a great way to start the day!) and ceramics at the thatched roof pottery studio of John Leach, grandson of the legendary Bernard Leach (the massive wood-burning kiln can accommodate 2000 pieces in a single firing!) Thanks for the fantastic tour, Beckie!

Afternoon: Processing film! The tea mixture is seriously rocking!

Night: A Plenty More feast for the body and soul (50+ ingredients!) with our sweet friends in Glastonbury. Thank you Stephen, Sue, David, Martha, Joff, John the Drummer,  Pete, and Ray the Ragtime Piano Player for reminding us it’s always time to be Thinking About Drama!

IMG_4140 IMG_4146 IMG_4168 IMG_4182 IMG_4192 IMG_4201 IMG_4205 IMG_4221   IMG_4004IMG_4243 IMG_3330IMG_4228IMG_4247 IMG_3321IMG_3333IMG_4224IMG_4258 IMG_4260 IMG_4280 IMG_4283


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