3.26.15: A Slow Day

Today we’re at the Slow Media Symposium at Bath-Spa University’s stunningly beautiful Corsham Court campus (let’s hear it for “England’s Greatest Gardener” Capability Brown!). Along with our talk Growing A Global Slow Film Movement, there are presentations on Slow Journalism, Norwegian Slow TV, Slow Judy Garland, Slow Web (think ~tilde.club~, not the speed of the internet connection at our B&B!) and breathing stones. After a sumptuous, jovial meal at the Methuen Arms, it’s a Sound We See trilogy screening at the Pound Center (check out the Sally Muir’s delightful dog portraits show in the gallery!). Although all the films are well-received (well, except perhaps by the nice old gent who asked “Why would anyone want to watch this scratchy, faded stuff?”), the crowd really goes wild for the Old Crow film, feeling an affinity for the fiddle music, the respect for ancestors, and the slow pace of village life.

A big thanks to Dan Ashton and his terrific team for an inspiring day (the truffles were a nice touch!), a shout out to our Somerset peeps Andrew, Rob and Charlotte for making the trek, and to our new pals Anne, Roisin and Adam (Huggy Bear 4-Ever!): keep up the great work! May our desire walks bring us together again!



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