3.15.15: All That Jazz

We’re in Bristol for a few glorious days with one of our favorite people in the entire universe: Joff Winterhart!  Immediately immersed in the dynamic pajama party that is Joff World, it’s a whirlwind weekend of non-stop talk plus art books (Vivian Maier! Tove Jansson! Bill Wood’s Business!), games (Dogs of the World! Tell Me!), street scrawls, strolls (Banana Bridge!), abandoned candy factories, mind-blowing songstresses (Judee Sill!), avant-garde grunge stylings (Michachu?!??!?!), films (The Punk Singer! Museum Hours!), foods (Soup! Wraps! Sweet Mart! Full roast dinner with Yorkshire Pudding at the Windmill Pub on Windmill Hill!) and much much more, all capped off with a rollicking Sunday night jazz session on a boat named Sabrina with Joff’s amazing drummer dad, Pete, and his cousin Mary Mouse, purveyor of good vibes. Reunited and it feels so good!


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