3.11.15: Pottery and Pints

How amazing is it to have a wee ceramics studio right around the corner from your flat? Dartmouth Park Pottery is both a workspace for three talented  potters and a shop for their wares. And they have classes! Thanks to studio founder Charina Oeser for the warm welcome… your work is as beautiful as your bright spirit!

We are so fired up after discovering Dartmouth that we immediately return to the V&A to again wander around the massive 6th floor ceramics gallery in complete awe. The Lucie Rie stuff alone (with tools and furniture from her studio set up in a little corner!) is enough to make me swoon…

A sunset ride across Kensington Gardens on a couple of Boris Bikes and we’re reunited with Xeli and Marie, dear pals from way back in our Metabolic Studio days and two of the most hilarious humans on the planet. The rest of the night is a blur of jokes and pints at all the little pubs along the river in Hammersmith (including The Dove where and everyone from King Charles II and his mistress to Ernest Hemmingway’s had a quaff)… Thanks for the good times, ladies! Keep smiling!




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