3.8.15: In The Meantime

It’s Sunday and it’s still sunny and the tour of London continues. This morning we go to Greenwich to check out the home of Greenwich Meantime. We take the DLR to the Cutty Sark stop, admire the lovely gulls, take a detour to explore the 1902 tunnel that goes under the Thames (no animal fouling allowed!) to Island Gardens, walk through the old Royal Naval College (shout out to my Canadian Navy grandpas!), listen to “Samuel Pepys” read some passages regarding the great plague from his famous diary in the Painted Hall (the “finest dining hall in Europe” where the navy veterans from the nearby Royal Hospital for Seamen once took their meals), zoom through Queen Henrietta’s House of Delights and climb the hill to the Royal Observatory where there’s a clock that’s the clock of Greenwich Mean Time but I forgot to take a photo of it so just imagine a very fancy clock.

Then, we walk down the hill from Greenwich (where all the important Navy people lived) to Deptford (where all the people who actually built the ships lived) and over to the Creekside Discovery Centre, a terrific place to learn about nature right in the city. Thank you Karel for setting up the workshop and loaning us your projector and splicer! Thank you Bettina for hosting us! Thank you Kate and Tami for helping! And thank you to all the participants for making the most fantastic cinematic magic out of the wonderful wild plants from the grounds around the Centre. You are all now official filmmakers.

And if that isn’t enough, we top the day off with a visit to the Deptford Cinema where we’re treated to a delicious dinner, insightful conversation and a tour of the cinema that brings us right back to the high hopes and big dreams of EPFC’s early years. Thanks to Edwin, Leah, Frank, Gail and Jemma for the hospitality… Keep up the good work!!!

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