3.16.15: We’re Open

Part 1: Transformation                                                                               The classic red telephone booth becomes the WiFi hotspot. The little truck becomes the mobile café. The former library becomes the Open School East, an inspiring experiment in education started in 2013 that provides free studio space and education for emerging artists as well as opportunities for engagement between artists, neighbors and all kinds of audiences. Thank you to Anna, Hari, Sophie, Tina, John, Michael, Daniel, Shiri, Lucy, Leslie, Paul, Kristin, Marie, Afshin, Lucien and Justin, for welcoming us into this energized “space for artistic learning that is experimental, versatile and highly collaborative” to talk together about community, cinema, art and education, and share the magic of the moving image. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Part 2: Libation                                                                                         After an exhaustive search, we’ve discovered our ideal pub: Hand of Glory! A liquor license dating back to the 1800s? Check. Tasty local microbrews and “deadly cider”? Check. Branches and vines stuck to the ceiling? Check. Maypoles, masks and other assorted British folk art all over the damn place? Check. Chock full of handsome, sweet and witty young things? Indeed.  A really nice dog that looks like the dog from The Thin Man? Check. Ed Webb-Ingall, EPFC’s 2014 International Artist In Residence and a London native who really loves his city and knows all most amazing places to go and all the most wonderful people to meet? Yes!!! And he gives the best hugs too.

Part 3: Perambulation                                                                         Another late night walk across the city = another opportunity to suss out signs that celebrate the whole of the human race plus forgetful pets.


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