9.19.14: A Yukon Friday Night

Is there a better start to an Old Crow Friday than a breakfast of fried caribou and onions, banana bread, homemade black currant jam and hot coffee? And then to get a hands-on lesson in how to make caribou jerky aka dry meat? No, there is not. Thank you Stephen and Sophie for your hospitality, your generosity and your ferocious knife skills! And could there be a better way to end an Old Crow Friday than a marathon 3-hour, 13 game, multi-card All-Yukon Radio Bingo extravaganza with $20,000 in prize money GUARANTEED???? No, there is not. Thank you Mary Jane for your patience in teaching us the “Block Party” and the “Picnic Table” even though you had to shush us every two seconds because we were laughing so loud you couldn’t hear the numbers being called…







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