2.8.14: Time To Go!

After eight glorious weeks, it’s time to go home to the City of Angels. What will we miss the most about India? Elephants, camels, cows, buffalo, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, chickens, peacocks, and pigs roaming around free in the streets? People bringing us chai all the time? Auto rickshaws? Everybody singing out loud in public? Sadhus (especially the lady ones) who bring good luck? Kurtis 24/7? Limca? That mysterious, elegant side-to-side head motion that means something like Hmmm…Yes…All Right…Let Me Think About That!

India, we’ll be thinking about you for a long, long time…


4 thoughts on “2.8.14: Time To Go!

  1. I love this photo! Not something you are likely to see on Granville Street.
    Like Sheryl said, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. This will be my trip
    to India.

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