1.21.14: Monkey vs. Rat

It seems appropriate that a Rajasthan tour that began with a trip to the Monkey Temple (aka Galtaji, 20 km from Jaipur) is coming to a close with  a trip to the Rat Temple (aka Karni Mata Temple, located 30 km from Bikaner). At the first, our sunset commune with the deities was challenged by the sound of flower-stealing gangs of our simian friends noisily trying to break into the shoe cabinet where our footwear was stored; at the second, I am too preoccupied with preventing streams of rodents (20,000 of the dear little creatures live here!)  from running up my skirt to look out for the rare, blessed white rat that is the reincarnation of Karni Mata herself… The spiritual quest for detachment continues!


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