1.13.14: Aloha, Varanasi!

They immersed themselves in the dark sluggish waters; the recital of prayers carried to us across the stream. Some of the men cleansed themselves as though in a bath-tub, others scooped up the filthy-looking liquid in their hands, then quenched their thirst or used the water as a dentrifice, spitting it back to its source. Women in bright saris that clung wetly to their forms bobbed about and splashed and the silver and gold ornaments on their arms and ankles clashed musically…  – Aloha Wanderwell aka Aloha Baker, referring to Varanasi aka Benares circa 1921 in her 1939 autobiography Call To Adventure

What better way to say farewell to Varanasi than a foggy early morning rowboat ride down the Ganges, the scene virtually unchanged since Aloha experienced it nearly 100 years ago?IMG_7227

One thought on “1.13.14: Aloha, Varanasi!

  1. This is a great photo! I like the pink & blue boat & especially the misty background
    & brightly coloured buildings. Good work!

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