1.11.14: Sholay and Shops

Morning: sleep in at the very cozy Hotel Temple on Ganges while the rain pours down outside. (Note: judging by the incessant lowing outside the window, the cows of Varanasi don’t especially like being out in the pouring rain.)

Afternoon: enjoy the three-and-a-half hour 3D re-release of the mind-blowing 1975 masala western Sholay (best Indian film of all time according to the British Film Institute!)  at a cinema where everybody talks, takes calls on their cell phones, walks around and has pizza delivered to their seat during the movie!

Night: walk around the twisty-turny streets of the old city and admire the tiny shops selling everything from kite supplies to custom blended scents (sunflower for Paolo; nightflower for Lisa) to sweets (including our new obsession piste barfi) to basically whatever else you would ever need, want or require.


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