1.8.14: A Day In Darjeeling

Darjeeling, Darjeeling… A place of magic, mystery and spirituality… Temples and monasteries and sacred monkeys and prayer flags bright in the early morning sunshine… A magnificent hill station, ghosts of the Raj, the coolest place to go in the summertime… Home of the world’s  most delicious tea (tied for first place with Assam, of course!) and all the pomp, circumstance and exploitation that go with it… A place of new beginnings and sad memories for refugees at the Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center… A haven for toy train enthusiasts, trekkers, merchants, monks, mountaineers, royalty, regular folks and Bollywood hot shots on vacation… Where a multitude of cultures come together in a mesmerizing  mix of ancient kingdoms and the modern world…  And of course, the great Himalayas looming over all… Unfortunately, the magnificent peaks of Mount Everest and Kangchenjunga are shrouded in fog and cloud these chilly winter days but their powerful presence is felt nonetheless…

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2 thoughts on “1.8.14: A Day In Darjeeling

  1. Your descriptions of these places are excellent! I think that “major” in creative writing
    is paying dividends. Dad xx

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