1.3.14: Pachydermadoria

Northeast India is known for its incredible wildlife. Kaziranga National Park (230 square km) is the region’s most notable preserve but since we’re a little short on time, we check out Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, a smaller preserve only an hour’s drive from Guwahati. Pobitora is famous for its large population of Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros but actually we’re more excited about the fact that we get to ride an elephant around the park! Elephants and humans gather at in the misty early morning and off we go. Our elephant, a cute little youngster of 5 years, gives us a great tour… patiently waiting while we photograph rhino moms and babies, smoothly gliding through thick mud and long grasses, and even retrieving a dropped shoe belonging to the toddler riding on the elephant in front of us! Adorable!


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