12.28.13: Rooftops

We meet up with Shristi, Digvijay and Radhika for the 2 am shoot at the Alankar Hotel in the Chanmari neighborhood. Radhika’s family lives on the top floor and we climb up to the roof to film her father’s woodworking studio and check out the views of a sleeping city. Later on, after watching  American sitcoms and drinking coffee in Radhika’s comfy living room, we head over to the Assam Times building to film the early morning newspaper distribution scene and the men with big teapots and bags of cookies strapped to their bicycles…

With a couple hours to kill, we check out the Book Fair where the most exciting stuff turns out to be the chutney stand and an Assamese traditional dance performance (four guys standing on another guy while he plays a horn!). As night falls, we find ourselves with Shristi, Digvijay, Kiran and Paromita on another rooftop (this one on top of a gigantic shopping complex on the other side of town), shooting the shoppers and the endless streams of traffic below. After some tasty treats, fun with Dollar the Dog, and a rousing version of Sweet Child O’ Mine at Shristi and Digvijay’s place, their driver scoots us over to Club Terra Mayaa where we get the VIP treatment and Paolo is mobbed by fans mistaking him for superstar DJ Paul Thomas. That’s life in the Guwahati fast lane!

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One thought on “12.28.13: Rooftops

  1. Talk about a “full day”! You guys have amazing energy! Sounds like you’re having a great time. Paolo is better looking but definitely a resemblance. Besos XX

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