12.22.13: Good Day, Guwahati!

The lost bags have been retrieved, the equipment is unpacked, the class syllabus is completed, Ranjo has served us the most delicious meal ever, and now it’s time to explore Guwahati, our home for the next two weeks. This fast-growing city is in the northeast corner of India, in the state of Assam (where tea comes from!), next to the Brahmaputra River. Sights, smells and sounds collide in a non-stop, tantalizing circus for the senses–horns honking! bike rickshaws competing with tiny taxis! dogs snoozing! kids playing cricket! incense! petrol! food vendors cooking up tasty treats! trains departing! piles of oranges in the market! open sewers! abandoned ferry boats! ducks with bindhis! glowing temples! little girls calling out Hello, Auntie! the call to prayer! beautiful fabric! books! noisy black birds! jacarandas and marigolds! Somehow it doesn’t feel at all overwhelming but instead strangely invigorating…

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