7.27.13: The End Of The Tour

We are back in Los Angeles after a very lovely little West Coast Tour of the EPFC Rambling Road Show. A big shout out to:

* the Vancouver and LA pals who came out to GrandView Park on the Drive

* Sheryl, the canine cuties, Joe and the Gumboot Garden in Roberts Creek

* the Marr-Winter family, Kitchen Culinaire and the Keats Island community

* Jo-Jo, Angela and the fine folks at Al Forno Ferruzza

* Heather and the Humboldt friends in Sacramento

*Omar, Barbara, Magnus and the Grange Hall heroes in Sebastapol

*Jason, Jolene and Gino The Italian Dog at the Cereal Factory in Oakland

Thank you thank you thank you one and all for hosting shows, housing us, hanging out and just generally sharing the love! A very special thanks to Mister Max Winter for playing the part of The Bingo Bunny and not being mad when you puked after we fed you a toxic mix of Red Hot Cheetos, dried seaweed, bacon jerky, jalapeño-flavored sunflower seeds, Fanta and Spicy V8. We definitely learned a lesson there!


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