6.8.13: Master Classes for the Masses

Time for the first ever Echo Luna Dual 8mm Master Class! For our three-hour collective creative excursi, the sunporch is transformed into a classroom, the garden becomes a set with the neighbors’ cows as unsuspecting guest stars, the root cellar is our processing lab, and the living room morphs into a rather intimate screening room. Thank you to my amazing students Anya, Taras, Luda, Nina and Yura and my intrepid translator and teaching partner Naomi for your enthusiasm and your cinematic feats of wonder! In a perfect cosmic connection, Dagie Brundert is teaching a Super 8 hand processing workshop right this very moment on the other side of the world at Echo Park Film Center… Here’s to our ever-growing global film family!

IMG_8055IMG_8058IMG_8096IMG_8075IMG_8098IMG_8185IMG_8139IMG_8224IMG_8155IMG_8175IMG_8171IMG_8210Luda & Nina Yura 2Anya and Taras 2FIN

4 thoughts on “6.8.13: Master Classes for the Masses

  1. WOW! I love it. Pure beauty and magic. I love you so much Ms. Lisa Marr. Indeed…the global family of filmmakers is a thing to behold. Long live the cinematic revolution.

    Big kisses from Los Angeles and a room full of filmmakers currently processing film using coffee, red wine, Vitamin C and plants just picked from the blooming jacaranda tree outside!

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