6.6.13: Rubbish!

We spend the day over at Naomi’s Hideaway, clearing out and burning piles of trash… But where there’s trash, there’s always treasure! My favorite finds are a homemade wheelbarrow, a bendy silver spoon, a bundle of brown feathers, and a magazine featuring some awesome Soviet Lesbian Chic, circa 1972.


5 thoughts on “6.6.13: Rubbish!

  1. Hey you guys, I’ve only just discovered this blog and have to say: I was already missing you, but seeing the pictures and reading Lisa’s lovely stories (love your writing) makes me miss you all the more!!! Wish I could be there! Naomi’s got a new (gorgeous) house and puppy? How wonderful! Let’s be in touch.
    Much love, Florence

    1. So great to hear from you, Florence! You are always on my mind when I’m in Legedzine; I dream of the day we’re all reunited in the village, drinking a toast to health and happiness!
      Much love to you and your dear family…

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