6.1.13: Borshch!

While Naomi works on a portrait painting for an upcoming exhibition at the Museum and I catch up on my Studs Terkel, Yura whips up a big batch of his world-famous borshch  (aka borscht, borsch, borsch, borsch and borsh), complete with side order of divinely garlicky pampushki. You may wonder why the borsch in these photos is not the dark red/purple color we are used to eating in the Russian restaurants of North America. Well, борщ is actually originally Ukrainian and most bowls I’ve enjoyed here have been a golden orange color and not red at all. Turns out beets lose their color if you cut ’em up before cooking them…who knew? Yura’s borshch is so super смачний (that means delicious) we are tempted to use the old joke when unexpected company shows up: “Do you like day-old borshch? Well come back tomorrow then!”

IMG_7416 IMG_7422 IMG_7427 IMG_7429 2IMG_7836

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